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SPIRFIT Wellness Retreat

Updated: Jan 17, 2020

The first SpirFit Wellness Retreat has come and gone. And I couldn't have asked for a more lovely group of people to experience it with! My heart is full of gratitude for each of you and the wonderful staff and partners that made this event happen.

For those who couldn't attend (and I know there were many) here's a recap of the event.

The morning started bright and early with 60+ people checking-in. It blew my mind that some participants drove three hours to be with us! (Thank goodness we had plenty of coffee on standby!!)

After a light breakfast and warm welcome, Lexi led all of us in a beautiful calming breathing exercise, which everyone enjoyed!

Then we set off to participate in some fun activities. Participants could choose from a SpirFit class, Art Lesson by Andy Eckerle, or Nature Hike.

Later that morning, Monsignor Bill Cleves gave a dynamic talk about the power of Prayerful Meditation, which he described as Contemplation. He tackled the tricky subject of getting distracted in prayer, and gave the group some helpful advice on how to keep the mind focused. He also referred to inspirational figures from the Bible and our history books (like Nelson Mandela) who are exemplary models of focus and dedication.

Then, attendees had down time to explore the grounds with old (and new friends!), or reflect privately.

The second half of the day, consisted of a delicious preservative-free lunch; presentation by the Director of St. Anne's, Deacon Dave Proffitt; and more activities including a Historical Talk & Walk by Provincial Superior, Sr. Barbara Rohe.

It was certainly a fruitful day for the Mind, Body & Soul that was most relaxing and inspiring. Everyone involved (staff and participants) created this awesome positive and friendly vibe despite many being from different Christian backgrounds. No doubt the Holy Spirit was at work!

We've received requests for another Wellness Retreat which we are taking into serious consideration. If you have any feedback, suggestions or advice, we'd love to hear from you! Thank you once again to all those attended!

Peace, health & happiness.

- Jessica

**Special thanks to Kelly Holtz for the beautiful photography.


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