spiritually healthy & fit


Listen Within.

Breathing slowly and gently calms the nervous system and stills the mind. Discover healthy breathing techniques and all their natural benefits.


Awaken Your Senses.

Connect with the present moment through stretching, strengthening & balancing exercises. Movement is essential for whole body health.



Feed Your Soul.

Spiritual health is a key factor to a sound mind and body. Spending time with God is a way to get to know our Creator better, and know more about ourselves.

SpirFit has been such an awesome resource for me at St. Thomas. I've always loved going to different workout classes, but this is the first time I've had an opportunity like this to incorporate prayer into exercise. I always walk away from class feeling so peaceful, while also feeling like I've really gotten a great workout! Jessica and Lexi are both wonderful teachers who really know their stuff - they've even been able to help me modify exercises throughout my pregnancy while keeping the rest of the class on track. Everyone should check out SpirFit! - Catie P.


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