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About Us

The name SpirFit comes from the Latin root word

“Spir” meaning “Breathe.”




  • Mother and wife

  • Catholic

  • Certified Health Coach & Fitness Instructor

  • Avid reader and writer, with an affinity for hardback books and cursive writing

  • Founder of SpirFit, a fitness program for the body and soul based on breath, movement and prayer 

Fun Fact:

  • I faced my fear of heights by taking a Flying Trapeze Class. (Cirque de Soleil will not be calling!)

Favorite Indulgences:

  • Food

  • Traveling


After practicing yoga for 15+ years, and teaching as a Certified Yoga Instructor, Jessica wanted to create a new form of mind, body and spirit practice that specifically aligns with her Christian faith. She collaborated with Rev. Thomas Picchioni to select language, intentions and symbolism that are rooted in Christianity. The name SpirFit was chosen because the Latin root word for breathe is “Spir”. In the Bible the Holy Spirit comes in the form of wind or breath and, in SpirFit, breath symbolizes the Holy Spirit dwelling in us. 



Jessica desires to share SpirFit, along with her personal experience and research, to help others find a healthy mind, body and soul connection in a Christ-centered way.




Lexi has a passion for teaching others whether it's in the traditional classroom setting, teaching fitness classes or coaching. She loves to see others learn new skills and information that helps to enrich their lives. She was excited to join SpirFit which allows her to combine her love of teaching, fitness and faith. She is married with two children. When not at work, she loves spending time with her family, going on a good run with friends, or discussing the latest book at book club. She loves a good road trip too!

Our 60-minute classes focus on breathing, movement, and prayer and consist of:









Debbie E.


As someone who has suffered trauma to my body but wanting to keep my body from tightening up, I wanted a class that would allow for working at "my speed" while including the spiritual side to help with life stresses.

Having never been to a SpirFit/Yoga class, I was hesitant to believe I would be able to fully "keep up" but I was so pleasantly surprised. Jessica and Lexi give clear instructions and many modifications to accommodate limitations. I come away from each class physically feeling...a sense of peace, clarity, and strength to handle what might come next. I encourage anyone to come try one of the classes and they will be as hooked as I am!

Carrie R.

If you have not gone to a SpirFit class at St. Thomas, you MUST check it out! Jessica and Lexi are both such wonderful instructors, and there are two classes offered each week so that everyone can work it into their busy schedules.


Whether this will be your first yoga class, or you are a yoga “pro”, this class is perfect! (And trust me, I fell into the “no experience” category ;) You will not only enjoy an hour of yoga, but the prayer and mediation tied in to the evening is a perfect way to wrap up my day! Check it out...hope to see you there!

Kristin S.


SpirFit has provided our community with a way to engage in both the healthy practice of yoga for our body and the practice of prayer for our soul.


Jessica and Lexi do an amazing job of guiding us through a practice that is challenging yet accessible to any age, gender or life phase.


I look forward to each week to have this opportunity to bring spiritual intention into a great physical workout.

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