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Feeling Lost? Maybe You’re Not Done Growing Yet

Has anyone ever told you it’s ok to feel lost? We’ve all been there. I can remember in my mid-20’s feeling very lost. I wasn’t miserable exactly, but I wasn’t passionate and in love with life either. Some personal issues were weighing on me and I had reached the end of the road with one job.

When we’re lost it’s normal to feel confused or lonely. Sometimes uncomfortable feelings can worry or even scare us. A doctor of psychology once told me, “Feelings are just that - feelings. They don’t necessarily represent the truth. They come and go.”

With that in mind, what if we looked at our “lost-ness” in a different way. Not as a dead end or a life sentence, but a stepping stone. What if we saw “being lost” as there might be something better out there waiting for us?

When uncomfortable feelings surface, it’s good to ask meaningful questions to reconnect with ourselves, revisit our own strengths and talents, and remember our purpose.

Calming exercises for the body and mind can also help us get in a healthy head space. Deep diaphragm breathing, gentle stretching, taking a walk outside, or simply sitting in the quietness of a chapel can do wonders for our spirits. Oddly enough, sometimes the answers that elude us are waiting right there in the quiet, especially when our hearts are open to receiving God.

From my personal experience, it’s important to remember that it’s ok to feel lost. Feeling lost can be a signal that your soul is in search of something. Rather than run away or ignore your feelings, take time to explore them. This might be an opportunity for growth! And if you can’t find what you’re searching for on your own, seek advice from a professional. Because if getting over the hump is your main goal then it doesn’t matter how you get there, as long as you get there.

Peace, health & happiness.



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