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The Big Investment

Investing in anything is hard. Parting with things of value - whether it’s money, time or labor - in exchange for the unknown can be scary. But the fact is, growth, improvement, and prosperity require investing. Of course, there are a million things to invest in, but the most rewarding investment (in my opinion) is in your health. 

Think about it. All the money in the world is of little joy to a person in poor mental, physical and spiritual health. Even a dream job or perfect companion has difficulty making an unhealthy person, happy. But too often we play a dangerous game of investing in external things - like status, careers, and individuals - in order to fulfill us. Long term happiness starts within. And a balanced, healthy lifestyle is a solid foundation for real happiness. 

Now, this isn’t a lecture about diet and exercise. Health encompasses the entire person: mind, body and spirit. Taking care of all three areas are equally important. Not only because they overlap and influence one another, but also because neglecting one can prevent the others from reaching their full potential. 

How can we be sure we’re investing in our whole-body health? 

By checking off three boxes daily. It can be as easy as making three columns on a sheet of paper, labeled Mind, Body, Spirit. Your objective is to do something every day that falls into each column and record it. For example, to check off the “Body” column you might do something physical like take a walk, play a sport or mow the lawn. For the mind, you might read an intellectually challenging book, build something, study a map, do a puzzle, or learn a new skill. For the spirit, you might pray, visit an Adoration Chapel, listen to christian music, meet with a prayer group or read the Bible. Your options are endless, and the investment is low. It simply starts with drawing three columns on a sheet of paper. (Which might be the cheapest investment you ever make.)  

Listen, if you’re reading this and making excuses then try it, not for yourself, but for the people around you. An unhappy, unhealthy person is toxic to a family, a workplace, a community. Whole body health, on the other hand, is transformational. It can make you happy. And happiness, as we know, is contagious too. 

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